YY Censorship Research

Jeffrey Knockel
YY user profile censorship warning
“【自我说明】包含敏感字符,请重新输入。” ([Profile] contains sensitive characters, please try again.) Note that for censorship of text chat, triggering messages do not display this warning.

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Censorship Analysis

YY 7.1 downloads three different keywords lists:

Surveillance Analysis

When sending a word from the "Normal" or "High" lists above, a surveillance message is sent via an HTTP GET request to a URL of the form:


<id> is a hash computed as md5(⌊<seconds since unix epoch> / 1000⌋ + ";username=report;password=pswd@1234"), hex-encoded. Note that the username and password in the hashed string are hardcoded; these are not the username and password of the sender or receiver of the triggering message.

<content> is a base64-encoded string of the following form:

type=2;uid=<sending user id #>;touid=<receiving user id #>;keyword=<triggering keyword>;txt=<triggering message in its entirety>

In the version of YY analyzed, type is hardcoded to 2.


decode.py is a python script for automating the decoding of the "normal" and "high" lists into plain text UTF8.